Useful Car Interior Accessories

Useful Car Interior Accessories

Useful Car Interior Accessories

After many years of traveling with children, pets, family, friends, and more, I have come to realize that these commutes or trips can be made significantly easier with some awesome interior accessories. When all your items have a proper place in the car, it creates a cleaner, stress-free drive. Kids are happy, pets are relaxed, and you can finally drive with all your necessary possessions within reach.

Accessories for the kids:

Integral’s signature car seat tray is the perfect addition to almost any car seat that has cup holders. This is the only model available that has an expandable base to grip the car seat cup holder and keep it securely in place. That means we can utilize a tray that is big enough for meals and entertainment.

As you can see, this version is perfect for keeping the kids happy! It also rotates 360 degrees so they can position it in the most comfortable location. I can’t even begin to describe how much less stressful this product makes long drives. The kids are now perfectly happy and content in the backseat!

As we all know, the perfect method to keeping the car clean is preventing a mess in the first place. That’s why we always travel with the Flipping Holder:

The Flipping Holder is an amazing product that prevents that inevitable juice box squeezing mess that we are all too familiar with. The universal design supports all juice boxes, tetra packs, and squeeze food pouches. Simply stand it upright for food pouches and flip it upside down for juice boxes. These are literally perfect for preventing that awful mess in the car. No more cleaning sticky juice off your brand new seats!

Accessories for pets:

The process for selecting the best protective car products for your pet can be quite overwhelming. The amount of seat protectors, door guards, pet barriers, etc. available is truly unbelievable. The fact is that most of these products will be almost identical with a different company logo on each one. After testing dozens of these products, the models we recommend are below:

For backseat covers and cargo liners we have to recommend 4Knines:

These products are very high quality and come with some awesome, patent protected technology. Specifically, they have models of this that split with your seats. Now dropping down the back seats one at a time isn’t an issue because the pet cover drops with it. These awesome products have our stamp of approval!

Obviously, for pet seats, we have to recommend Integral’s models:

Sure, we might be a bit biased, but we created this product because we were so upset with other versions that were available at the time. Ours keeps your pets secure and constrained in the back seat which keeps them safe and your car clean.

We added two, durable zipper doors for easy entrance and exit. It also comes with a removable, waterproof mat for easy cleaning and a safety lead that attaches to any standard seat belt. We assure you, the quality of this one is unmatched. It truly allows your pet to feel safe and less anxious in the car. Also, less mess for you to worry about. Letting them play in the dirt at the park is not longer a concern! The mess will be contained in the pet seat instead of getting all over the car.

Other Accessories:

A cup holder expander for any bottle or mug you may have is an extremely underrated vehicle accessory. Keep your large water bottles right next to you instead of in the passenger seat or on the floor. Finally, you can bring that perfect travel coffee mug with you on the road.

We have the Hydro Expander for your water bottles, the Mug Integrator for your coffee mugs, or the Ultimate Expander for both! Please see each product page for a list of all compatible bottles and mugs for each.

A multiuse car tray can be a necessity if you work from your car, eat in your car, have an electric vehicle, have fragile goods to secure, or generally just spend a good amount of time in your vehicle. Here at Integral, we wanted to create a tray that goes beyond being the best steering wheel desk or table on the market. Therefore, we added removable legs and straps to it so you can level another seat in the vehicle when it’s not being used. This allows you to strap down and carry important cargo that could otherwise break or spill. Introducing, the Ultimate Car Tray:

We fully understand the nonstop innovation in the vehicle accessory category can be somewhat overwhelming. At Integral, we promise to only innovate and create when we see a true need for a solution. The products we provide will be parent tested and child approved, if applicable. We never start with thinking about the cars, we start by thinking about those that drive them.